Unique culinary experience

In our restaurant you ‘ll find a wide variety of flavors menu , inspired by the Mediterranean and french cuisine philosophy. Gourmet dishes made from fresh local and organic ingredients ready to take you off the ground!

Tempting Appetizers & Soups

Smoked salmon garnished with chopped onion, salmon roe, garlic sprout and horseradish sauce

23,50 €

Parma ham with pickles

21,00 €

Sea-bass ceviche marinated with Yuzu and Tomato sherbet

21,00 €

Boiled shrimp on avocado and crab tartare, cocktail sauce and salmon roe

23,50 €

Grilled vegetables served with sesame pulp and rosemary olive oil

14,00 €

Aubergines stuffed with spinach and feta cheese served with velvet vegetables sauce

11,60 €

Sliced octopus marinated in caper vinaigrette, flavored with coriander

21,00 €

Fish Soup “Kakavia”

24,00 €

Gin flavored tomato cream soup, served with cream cheese

12,00 €

Grilled Τalagani cheese with tomato chutney, lemon juice and fresh mint

14,00 €

Peas cream soup with fresh whipped cream and crispy bacon

13,00 €

Refreshing Salads

Salad with tomato, mozzarella, Parma’s ham, baby rocket, basil oil and balsamic vinegar pearls

14,50 €

Green vegetables with quinoa, beetroot, pea sprouts and spring onions, marinated with virgin olive oil and lemon juice

14,00 €

Rocket salad with parmesan, sun dried tomato, grated walnut, Parma ham and sauce from aged balsamic vinegar

14,00 €

Salad with Corfiot noumboulo ham, grapes, cassius, dry figs, Greek cheese Anthotiro and honey dressing

15,50 €

«Mimosa» salad Sauteed shrimp on lamb’s lettuce and mixed green seasonal salads, chopped eggs, flavored croutons and balsamic cream

18,50 €

Fresh Pasta

Fresh penne with smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, spring onions, vodka and fresh cream

24,00 €

Fresh bavette with sautéed seafood in olive oil, white wine, chopped tomato, garlic and parsley

28,00 €

Fresh beetroot tagliatelle, cooked with vegetables, fresh cream, sweet garlic puree, walnut and mint

22,00 €

Fish & Crustaceans

Grilled shrimps with marrows, coriander and sweet red pepper sauce, served with tabouleh

31,00 €

Grilled salmon fillet on a bed of seasonal vegetables and mustard sauce

29,00 €

Steamed sea-bass filet with citrus sauce and marinated ginger

31,00 €

Meat & Poultry

Grilled beef filet steak with green Madagascar pepper sauce

45,00 €

“Black Angus” beef ribeye tagliata served on a hot stone with two sauces: “Mexican” and “three peppercorns” (for two persons)

79,00 €

Pork loin with kumquat sauce or porto sauce with celery root puree

28,00 €

Grilled lamb chops with grilled vegetables and mint jelly sauce

34,00 €

Chicken breast stuffed with bacon, Corfiot “Graviera” cheese, sundried tomatoes, carrots puree & rosemary sauce

25,00 €

Corfu Palace Classiques

Beef prime fillet Chateaubriand (for two persons) served with Béarnaise

89,00 €

Veal Swiss-style «Zurichoise » with mushrooms and potatoes “Rösti”

38,00 €

Sliced chicken in curry served with fresh pineapple and banana

25,00 €