Unique culinary experience

In our restaurant you ‘ll find a wide variety of flavors menu , inspired by the Mediterranean and french cuisine philosophy. Gourmet dishes made from fresh local and organic ingredients ready to take you off the ground!

Tempting Appetizers & Soups

Royal smoked salmon with horseradish sause

20,40 €

Parma ham with pickles

17,10 €

Swordfish & tuna fish carpaccio with botargo, marinated in olive oil and rose peppercorns

10,80 €

Boiled prawns with cocktail sauce, avocado and fresh vegetables

18,10 €

Grilled vegetables served with sesame pulp and rosemary olive oil

10,50 €

Aubergines stuffed with spinach and feta cheese served with velvet vegetables sauce

11,60 €

Sautéed prawns “costa brava” with Saffron and baked almonds

15,40 €

Fish Soup “Kakavia” served with garlic bread and olive paste

21,50 €

Tomato Gin flavored cream soup served with cream cheese

9,90 €

Asparagus cream soup with fresh whipped cream

8,80 €

Curry and prawns soup aromatized with ginger

13,20 €

Refreshing Salads

Mixed green salads with balsamic dressing

8,80 €

Spinach and rocket salad with Belgian endive, Holland lettuce, smoked duck, dried apricots, pine cone and fresh strawberries

14,30 €

Rocket salad with parmigiana, sun dried tomato, grated walnut, Parma ham and sauce from aged balsamic vinegar

12,70 €

Salad with “Corfiotnoumboulo ham”, grapes, cassius, dry figs, “Greek cheese anthotiro” and honey dressing

14,90 €

Italian caprese salad with mozzarella cheese

11,40 €

Mixed seasonal salad with French dressing

8,80 €

Pasta - Risotto

Linguine with Mediterranean sea food

20,90 €

Risotto with crawfish & fine Mediterranean herbs

24,80 €

Penne with smoked salmon, vodka, sun dried tomato, spring onions and fresh cream

19,30 €

Stuffed Ravioli with eggplant and basil cherry tomatoes sauce

16,50 €

Fish & Crustaceans

Poached salmon in a dill cream sauce flavored with Pernod

22,00 €

Gilthead filet braise on a bed of spinach, served in amussels bullion with saffron

26,40 €

Steamed Sea bass filet with citrus sauce and marinated ginger

28,60 €

Baked Sea-bass for two persons on fine herbs, aromatized with virgin olive oil and lemon juice

61,60 €

Poached prawns in a rose pepper sauce flavored with whiskey

30,80 €

Grilled prawns on a bed of marrows with coriander and sweet red pepper sauce

30,80 €

Grilled salmon filet with fava been, caper and sun dried tomato

20,90 €

Meat & Poultry

Grilled prime beef filet steak with three kind peppercorns sauce

35,20 €

Grilled ribeye served with two sauces of Mexicain and Three Peppercorns

28,00 €

Braised kid goat served on a bed of polenta and vegetables printanier

24,20 €

Sautéed pork filet mignons served with Porto wine sauce

20,40 €

Chicken julienne, marinated in red wine with onions, bacon and mushrooms

18,70 €

Corfu Palace Classiques

Sliced chicken in curry served with fresh pineapple and banana

19,80 €

Slicedvealswiss-style with mushrooms and potatoes “Rösti”

30,80 €

Chateaubriand for two persons served with béarnaise sauce

82,50 €