Risotto with Scampi in whipped Cream INGREDIENTS Peeled scampi Arborio rice Chopped onion White wine Shellfish broth Whipped cream Butter Dill Parsley Estragon DIRECTIONS Saute the chopped onion with the rice and quench with white wine. Add the broth gently. When it’s ready (in about 18min) add the butter, take it away from the fire and add […]

12 Aug

Green Salad with Greek Noumboulo, Cottage Cheese, Sykomaida, Grapes, Cashews and Honey Dressing INGREDIENTS Aragula Curly Endive Lolo rosso Trocadero Cashews Sykomaida Grapes Noumboulo Cottage Cheese DIRECTIONS We create a variety of various salads (Lolo Rosso, Arugula, Endive, Trocadero, etc) which we have already hand sliced and we place them into an utensil. We add […]